How to talk about Star Island to people who don’t know it

For many, Star Island is a place to unplug and reset. Stresses from the mainland are often muted by the physical beauty of the island, its remoteness and its historical environment.

Star Island can also represent a place to reunite with friends and welcome new ones with open arms, with the hope that these new faces will find their own reason to return each year. People usually visit to get away and enjoy a week-long vacation, sometimes without the intention of anything more than just to relax, but by the end of the week, people leave with a sense of belonging and new-found family/community.

While the Island can offer a refuge for many, it can also represent an intimidating or anxious time for others. When talking about Star to prospective visitors, it is helpful to acknowledge the challenge of visiting a new place with a well-established community. Keep in mind that Star Island has a unique culture that can require a significant shift in mindset, which for some of us happens unconsciously on the boat, or for others, not until their first step on the island, or their first chapel service.

It is important to try to prepare New Shoalers for this shift before they arrive on island. Whether through encouragement about people bringing their whole selves to the island or focusing on common interests that can be found on island (e.g., hikes, bird watching, reading on the porch, etc.), find a way to start at shared understanding before introducing some of the more unique or rustic aspects of Star Island living.

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