Outreach and Marketing

One way to broaden your conference’s exposure is to adopt marketing strategies that have the potential to reach new audiences with diverse populations. This can be done through churches, schools, universities, and community centers by hanging posters with pull-tabs that include your conference’s website or a link to the Star Island registration page. You can also use social media to get the word out about your conference to a broader audience. If your conference offers a financial incentive to new people, make sure to include that information in any marketing material. Marketing material can be simple – just the name of the conference, a picture of Star Island with a website letting people know how they can get more information. If conferences do not adopt active marketing measures, by default they rely on the informal word-of-mouth communication between friends and family to spread the word about their conference. While this is not inherently a bad thing to do, it does often have the unintended result of creating a less diverse conference composition, limiting conferee growth to the people who are already socially connected to existing conferees.


This topic is broken out into three sections:


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