How Star Island is taking responsibility for white supremacy culture

Star Island is working hard to build a multiracial community and decentering whiteness. Star has always celebrated its old fashioned New England liberal religious tradition and is working hard to realize our commitment to a multi-racial, multi-cultural society, both in our larger world and on Star. Doing that work requires us to keep learning about our own bias, to engage in ongoing dialogue with one another, and to listen to feedback and implement changes that make us more welcoming to the people who join our community and our conferences.

Whatever we are doing on Star, whether polar bear swimming, participating in theme talks and workshops, or dining together each meal, we believe everyone’s Star experience will be enriched by intentionally building a welcoming community for people who have not historically been well represented on Star. It is slow and often imperfect work, but we are deeply committed to the journey.

We are taking active steps toward that goal, in big and small ways. That work has included reflection on the stories of our historic community, and finding ways to engage in truth telling as we work toward justice. We are reviewing our hiring processes, and working to shift our programming and fee structures as well as our outreach strategies, to better realize that beloved community.

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