Conference Storage

Conference Storage Guidelines

We are happy to store items over the winter for conferences. Because storage is very limited, please follow the guidelines below.

3 Bin Maximum

So that we can store everything safely and in accordance with fire code, please ensure that all items fit within 3 or fewer bins. Please use the bins provided. These bins were selected because they can withstand winter conditions, and they stack safely.

Determining what to store

Please only store items you are certain will be used in future seasons and are not easily transported back and forth from the island. Please also consider items that are readily available on the island (i.e. markers, scissors, craft supplies, books, toys.) If there seems to be a surplus of those items in your storage, consider donating them to Art Barn or Kiddie Barn. Are there supplies that you wish Star supplied so that you don’t have to store/bring them each year? Let us know!

The buildings on Star Island are not insulated or winterized, so items that could freeze or are susceptible to mold (i.e. food, cardboard boxes, paper, cotton balls) should not be stored. If something like watercolors, sponges, or slip ‘n’ slides are used during the week, please make sure they are completely dry before returning them to storage.

Weight & Closure

Each bin should be able to be safely lifted & carried up flights of stairs by one or two people without risk of injury. Please organize the contents so that the lid will shut on its own. Please, do not tape the lid shut. If the lids do not fit on the bins and/or are taped shut, the bins do not store safely and could fall on our friends.


Keep an inventory of items in storage to pass on to future conference leadership. This will help to avoid excess and multiples. Plan for time to organize each bin at the end of your week so that leadership can be prepared the best that they can be. Keep one inventory list with each bin, and send one back (digital pictures or physical) to the mainland for off-season planning.

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