Equipment And Supplies

Audio/Visual Equipment

To ensure that your A/V needs are met, please set up a time for any presenters, theme speakers, and workshop leaders who will be using equipment to meet with conference services to learn and become familiar with our equipment well in advance of the presentation. If you have any questions about specific set ups for your events, please contact the Conference Services Supervisor at Please limit complex A/V set ups wherever possible – this lessens the chance there will be a glitch during your event. Please schedule A/V-heavy events in rooms that are best suited to accommodate them.

Audio Equipment

  • Auxiliary cords for plugging MP3 players and phones to sound systems
  • Microphone stands
  • Handheld cordless microphones
  • Corded handheld microphones
  • Portable speaker/amplifier
  • Portable electric keyboard
  • Wireless lapel microphones
  • Elliott and Newton have permanent sound systems. The Chapel has speakers which project the service to the benches outside.

Visual Equipment

  • DVD player
  • Digital projectors
  • Portable projector screens
  • Elliott, Lawrance and Newton have permanent projectors and screens

Disposable Items

We prefer that disposable cups and plates used on the island are compostable. We will provide these for events set up by the island, and can supply them at conference sponsored events and activities as well. Just let us know what you need!

Athletic and Sports Equipment

Conferees are solely responsible for the use and supervision of all athletic equipment, regardless of ownership. We neither sponsor nor provide supervision for island recreational events; conferees and staff participate at their own risk. For safety reasons, all softball participants are required to use the “low flight” softballs provided by the island, and catchers are required to wear a catcher’s mask. Children under 12 cannot use softball equipment without an adult present.

The following island equipment may be signed out at the Front Desk:

  • Frisbees
  • ping-pong paddles (table is in Brookfield)
  • volleyballs
  • basketballs
  • horseshoes
  • corn hole
  • hula hoops
  • kick balls
  • softballs
  • softball gloves
  • tennis rackets

Other Equipment and Supplies

  • Hymnals (Singing the Living Tradition, Singing the Journey, The New Century Hymnal, and The Pilgrim Hymnal)
  • Flipcharts & easels
  • Book lights for Chapel pulpit and organ
  • Metal marshmallow roasting sticks
  • Star Island songbooks
  • Yoga mats and yoga blocks

Certain supplies can be ordered directly through the Conference Services staff – please submit your request to

Pianos, Organs and Keyboards

Pianos of varying quality are located around the island. The best is the Steinway Grand in the lobby. Others are located in Brookfield, Newton Centre, Elliott Hall, and the Pink Parlor. Pump organs are located in the Chapel and Newton Centre. There is an electric keyboard that can move between certain meeting rooms.

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