Guidelines And Best Practices

Our aim is to make the Star Island conference experience as widely available as possible. Anyone who wants to may register for and attend more than one conference.

Star Island Corporation has established the guidelines below in an effort to promote fairness and minimize misunderstanding in the administration of conference registration procedures.  Star Island recommends:

  • That each conference have a consistent, written registration policy regarding the acceptance of applicants for attendance at that conference, and that such policy be available upon request.
  • That each conference in residence have specific policies regarding the housing of minor individuals (anyone under18), assuring that there is appropriate adult supervision among groups of teens housed together.

In addition, Star Island has the following policies in regards to housing:

  • Minors under age 18 are not to be roomed with adults unless they are a parent, legal guardian, family member or approved chaperon designated on their Minor Medical Release Form.
  • Adult shared housing should be age/gender appropriate, unless otherwise agreed upon by the individuals.

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