Insurance Coverage

Visitors come to the island at their own risk. Star Island Corporation assumes no liability for accidents or illnesses or their treatment.

Blanket Accident Insurance

Each conference will need to pay a fee for blanket accident insurance. This is a policy that SIC purchases to cover some medical expenses for anyone on the island who incurs an accident – this is excess coverage in that it only comes into play if the individual does not have health insurance or incurs expenses that are not covered by their health insurance. Costs and limits on this insurance may change each year as Star Island Corporation must renew the policy annually, which it does each spring. The cost to conferences will be approximately $0.40 per person per night; the total cost will be charged to the conference bill.

Special Events Liability Insurance

This insurance, which helps to protect your conference from liability in case of injury or property damage, is required of each conference for at least the length of your stay on Star Island. SIC offers this liability coverage for conferences through our insurance provider. The cost is determined by length of conference and number of participants and typically is between $300 and $600 (with the higher costs being for larger conferences). If you choose to find liability coverage on your own, or already have a policy in place, please forward your certificate of insurance to the SIC office prior to the conference. For those interested in purchasing coverage through our provider, SIC will send out information to conference leaders as it becomes available (typically in February each year).

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