Meeting Rooms Guide

The New Hampshire Department of Safety has established occupancy limits for all of Star Island’s meeting rooms. All meeting rooms are permitted to hold 50 or fewer people at once, and a number of rooms can hold many more. Any capacity listed under 50 has been established as a guideline by the Star Island Corporation in consideration of comfort and practicality. Any capacity listed 50 and over is an official occupancy limit with which we are required to comply.

If you have any questions about which rooms best suit particular events, please contact Conference Services.

Art Barn

Art BarnCapacity: 30
Common uses: Arts & crafts

The wooden barn is the best place for art programs. There is a good stock of basic art supplies (glue, paint, brushes, scissors, yarn etc.) as conferences are encouraged to donate their extra supplies at the end of the conference to the Art Barn – if you require specific supplies, please make sure to bring them with you. There is no running water, but water can be provided upon request. The Art Barn is not accessible via the island ramp network.


Capacity: 224
Common uses: Youth groups, dances, exercise, lectures, small & large exhibits

This dance hall/meeting space next to the marine lab can accommodate a portable sound system for live performances and for playing recorded music. The building is also equipped with a wide porch for outdoor activities. There is an upright piano and a ping pong table available.


Chapel InteriorCapacity: 91
Common uses: Chapel services, chorus/choir rehearsals, small lectures/workshops

The stone Chapel has fixed pew seating, sconces for candle lanterns, and an organ. A cluster of benches sits on the rocks outside the Chapel which can be used for outdoor workshops and lectures, and for chapel overflow.

Elliott Hall

Elliott HallCapacity: 309
Common uses: A/V presentations, dances, movies, performances, lectures, workshops and exhibits

This assembly hall is best for events with large amounts of attendees. A sound system with microphones, a podium, and a large projector screen can be requested. Elliott’s stage and piano make it ideal for musical shows. Elliott is well suited for conference speakers, as it seats large numbers and is best suited for complex A/V set ups.

Kiddie Barn

Capacity: 35
Common uses: Children’s groups, workshops, yoga
Children’s size furniture, a small refrigerator, and toys are available. In the beginning and end of the season, children’s furniture and toys are removed to make this space suitable for adult workshops, meetings and activities.

Lawrance Hall

Lawrance HallCapacity: 50
Common uses: Arts & crafts, exercise, small lectures, small & medium workshops, youth programs
Lawrance has a projector and screen for small presentations, and a basin sink for art projects.


Music in the LobbyCapacity: 320
Common uses: Cards and board games, musical performances, shows, small exhibits
The hotel lobby is generally used for impromptu card and board games, and as a gathering space before meals. Occasionally concerts are held in the evening. Set ups are less flexible than Elliott, due to numerous egress lanes. There is a grand piano, and a portable sound system can be set up.

Louise’s Barn

Capacity: 35
Common uses: Children’s groups, meetings and workshops

Louise’s Barn is an ideal place for the youngest children and is equipped with children’s size furniture, cribs and toys. There is also a small refrigerator and sink. This building has two small rooms that can be set up for adult workshops as well.


Capacity: 50
Common uses: Exercise, small & large workshops, small lectures, youth groups, small exhibits
Not recommended: A/V presentations

This stone meeting house can accommodate a portable sound system for small musical performances. There is also a fireplace which can be used upon request.

Newton Centre West

Capacity: 136
Common Uses: Chapel services, dance/exercise, movies, exhibits, lectures, workshops, social hour

This stone meeting house is a versatile space, and there is a door between Greeley Common (Newton East) and Newton West such that two events can be held simultaneously. Newton West can accommodate large lectures and workshops as long as the audiovisual needs are not too complicated. There is also a fireplace which can be used upon request.

Greeley Common (Newton East)

NewtonCapacity: 50
Common uses: Social hour, youth groups, workshops

A kitchen is equipped with a sink, a refrigerator, and some secure storage space for social hour supplies. Conferences regularly choose Newton and nearby Lindquist Deck for their social hour.


Capacity: 25
Common uses: Exercise, small workshops, youth groups

This stone building has a fireplace in Parker which can be used upon request.

Pink Parlor

Road Scholar ProfileCapacity: 30
Common uses: Chorus/choir rehearsals, small workshops, tea parties

This beautiful parlor is traditionally set up as a sitting room, with two small seating areas and an upright piano. The furniture is antique, so no “messy” events should be scheduled for this space.


Capacity: 25
Common uses: Committee meetings, small exhibits, small workshops, youth groups

This conference room is ideal for small meetings and workshops.

Vaughn Cottage

VaughanCapacity: 15
Common uses: Reading, small workshops

The Vaughn Cottage has a room for reading and small workshops.

Writing Room (Peace Room, Resource Room)

Capacity: 18
Common uses: committee meetings, reading, small workshops

This small meeting room off of the Pink Parlor contains a collection of books and photos of a number of Star Island’s historical figures.

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