Processing Deposits And Conference Programming Fees

For those without computer access, the registration form is available on the Star Island website to download and print. The instructions are to mail the form with the appropriate R&B deposit and conference programming fee amounts directly to the Star Island Corporation. SIC will process mailed registrations. The record of any mailed payments are stored in our database, Raiser’s Edge, along with all online registration payments. Star Island Corporation will hold the programming fee funds until a designated time. A report will be provided  indicating conferee names and amount paid that make up the total amount collected. Reconciliation of the funds collected will take place prior to the Conference start date.

  • For registrants submitting a paper registration with a check, SIC will confirm the correct amount has been received. If the amount is incorrect, SIC will first attempt to cover any programming fees due to the conference. Any remaining portion will be considered the deposit.

Deposits are automatically applied to room and board bills on-island, leaving a balance to be paid at the Front Desk before departing. Conference Programming Fees do not appear on conferee bills. Issues with deposits or programming fees should be discussed with the Island Registrar.


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