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**Because 2021 will be an unusual season, sections of this manual may be inaccurate. Please reference the 2021 Registration Guide provided by the Island Registrar.

Minister of the Week

The name of the Minister of the Week and guest should be instructed to register for the conference via the Staff/Speaker/MOW registration option in the online portal. Star Island Corporation compensates the room & board charge for the Minister of the Week and one (1) other family member/guest. No deposit or programming fee is collected for this registration type. Conference Registrars should collect the programming fee directly from the individuals if it is required. Any additional family members/guest in excess of one AND all other expenses (parking, lobster, etc.) are the responsibility of the minister or the conference to pay before leaving the island.

Conference Billing and Payments for Staff/Speakers/Guests

Conference leadership can provide the front desk with a list of conference staff authorized to charge items to the conference bill during the conference such as food items from Conference Services. Please note that room and board payments for conference staff/speakers/guests and conference scholarships are typically not added to the conference bill. These charges can be paid by the conference leadership at the front desk as a transaction towards an individual’s R&B bill. A list of names and payment amounts can be given to the Front Desk accompanied by a single check for the grand total. The Front Desk will apply these amounts according to your list. Please consult the Island Registrar for bill amounts before writing the check. Assuming the amount due for an individual often results in miscalculations and reconciliation errors, due to variants like discounts, etc. At the on- island meeting Registrar’s Meeting this information can be requested. Any payments for staff/speakers/guests should be done early in the week so that any remaining balances can be paid by the conferee before the end of the conference.

Registration Limit

270 is the maximum conference enrollment we are able to accommodate per night, including COG’s, for the 2016 season. Requests to exceed 270 conferees must be made and approved in advance by the Island Registrar.

Registering Young Shoalers

Minor Medical Release Form

Any person under 18 years of age who is attending a conference without a parent or legal guardian must have an official conference sponsor (that is, an adult who takes responsibility for the minor while on the island) and must send a completed Minor Medical Release Form along with their registration form. In the unlikely event of a major accident, this written permission form must accompany the minor patient for treatment at a mainland medical facility. The Minor Medical Release Form also authorizes our island medical staff to treat routine and non-critical medical conditions on island.

The Island Registrar will collect and hold all Minor Medical Release Forms mailed in with paper registrations during the enrollment period. It will be noted in Raiser’s Edge that the form was received. The forms are filed in the First Aid Station prior to the arrival of your conference. Conference Registrars may need to contact registrants to have a forms submitted after reviewing registration information. Online registrations will be able to get the form as needed and submit them to the Conference Registrar or SIC.

Download the Minor Medical Release Form


  • The signed, returned copy of the form must show valid signatures. Mailed forms are best, but Fax transmissions are acceptable. The form can be emailed to the you but it must be properly scanned and attached to the email.

In the event that a minor arrives on island without a completed medical release form:

  • In emergency situations, they may be faxed to the Corporation office provided that island staff is notified in advance.
  • We will allow up to 24 hours for conference officials to contact his or her parent or legal guardian and obtain the completed form.
  • If we are unable to obtain some form of signed medical release from the parents or legal guardian, we will ask the minor to leave the island, accompanied by his or her adult sponsor or conference representative.

Junior Teens And Children

For family conferences, junior high (ages 11-13) and younger children are usually housed with or next to parents. Encourage families with one to three children, or two children of different sex and age discrepancy, to give roommate preference. Except for teen-youth conferences, we will not pair off children without family consent. During adult conferences, children and teens may have to share a parent’s room.

Senior Teens

Senior high teens (14 and older) are typically grouped together (usually in Gosport) in rooms. Conferences are required to assign one or more adult persons to act as a monitor in these senior teen areas. The monitor(s) keep an eye on the teens to prevent excessive noise, property damage and other undesired behaviors. We require at least one monitor for every 10 youths and at least one on each teen wing or floor.

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