Registration Policies

The following important registration-related policies and statements should be made known to your conferees:

  • Star Island Corporation welcomes everybody to Star Island. We also want to ensure that all conferees know that our first aid station is equipped only for basic treatment in an emergency, and may not be staffed at all times. Star Island is a remote location with extremely limited capacity to respond to medical emergencies. Evacuation of individuals experiencing significant health issues ranges from two hours (in ideal conditions) to many hours. Star Island Corporation assumes no liability for accidents, illnesses, or their treatment. Star Island Corporation strongly recommends not participating in an on island conference if you suffer from any medical condition which might reasonably require emergency medical response. Conference Registrars are the front line of communicating this so people can make reasonable decisions for themselves, and you should familiarize yourselves with all of the details contained within the “Medical Considerations” page, particularly “General Medical Information”, “Medical Services”, and “Minor Medical Release Form”.
  • We also want to ensure that all conferees understand that although we are making more and more places on Star wheelchair accessible, some conference meeting rooms can be reached only via stairs or a rocky path, and negotiating this terrain, even with assistance, might not always be possible.
  • While Star Island does not guarantee availability of any specific rooms or room types, priority is given to those with self-identified accessibility or medical needs. The assignment of accessibility rooms, first-floor rooms and motel units will be prioritized based on a variety of factors including but not limited to, communication of need, availability of accommodations, and registration date.

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