Selling Items On Star Island

Selling Goods and Services on the Island

No person or group may sell or solicit for sale on Star Island any item for personal profit or to profit any organization whose purposes and operations do not relate solely to Star Island and its conferences, with the following exceptions:

  • Sale of conference related materials in the book store may be arranged (see below).
  • Auctions organized by conferences as fundraisers for scholarships or conference-related purposes.
  • Consignments through Shops may be arranged through Patti Washburn at If accepted for consignment, they will be sold with 40% of price going to Shops on Star. Special arrangements can be made with the store managers to sell items by a conferee during the week of his/her conference. Consignment items remaining at the end of the year will be returned COD unless other arrangements are made with store managers.

The Shops on Star Island

The Isles of Shoals Association (Unitarian-Universalist), Inc. ( operates the book and gift shop on Star Island and provides other support to Star Island and individual conferences. At the Shops on Star, you can buy clothing, memorabilia, books and much more. Charge accounts at island stores are available for conferences and for conferees. Charge accounts close at 10:00 a.m. on the last full conference day. These charges cannot be added to room and board bills and must be paid separately at the stores. The general contact for the ISA operated shops is via email at

Book Store

The book store carries a variety of books and other media, about the Isles of Shoals, Celia Thaxter, and other local interests, as well as books written or recommended by conference speakers. It also carries books that pertain to our religious heritage and philosophy, and those of interest to each conference. Before your arrival, the book store must be notified of any publication that might be in demand by conferees during your conference. Check with conference speakers, your minister of the week, and workshop leaders for book lists.

Orders for conference related materials to be carried in the Book Store must be submitted by March 10th for main season conferences and by June 1st for September season conferences. Late requests will be honored to the extent we are able.

Book Order Form

Every effort is made to obtain the books you request at reasonable prices, and to display them in the book store on the first day of your conference. Your list of books should indicate a preference of paper or hardcover (hardcover and expensive titles will be extremely limited). Let us know if the publisher is relatively unknown or if a workshop leader has books of his/her own. Authors may also bring copies of their books to be sold on consignment. The book store charges a 40% commission for consignment sales; the consignor is responsible for taking all unsold items (books, pictures, posters, CDs etc.) when they leave the island. If the Shops on Star wishes to carry conference-related consignment items beyond the conference week, remaining items will be returned COD typically in September, consistent with the standard consignment policy of the shops. Questions about book orders can be sent to Tricia Coleman (

Gift Shop

In addition the Star Island gifts and items sold at the Gift Shop, the ISA can facilitate the sale of conference t-shirts and gear. Contact Patti Washburn ( 100 percent of the proceeds will go back to the conference. The shop will display it, sell it and even let people pay for it on their credit cards. Members of the ISA, UU will be able to receive their discount on the purchase, and the shops will take on the additional cost, so there is no loss of income to the conference. At the end of the conference, the remaining inventory should be picked up by the conference chair or designee, and a check for the sales will be mailed by the ISA, UU.

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