Registration Timeline

**Because 2021 will be an unusual season, sections of this manual may be inaccurate. Please reference the 2021 Registration Guide provided by the Island Registrar.

January 1 through April 1

  • Online registration opens on January 1st
  • Attend Chairs and Registrars training meeting in early January in the Star Island office in Portsmouth
  • Prepare welcome email – send to conferees as soon as they register
  • Start reviewing registrations in Raiser’s Edge

January through the First Day of your Conference

  • Keep reviewing conferee registrations in the Raiser’s Edge. You can access a query of current registration data for each conferee in Raiser’s Edge at your convenience.
  • Review registrations for conferees not attending for the full duration of your conference.  Get in touch with them to verify the arrival and departure dates they entered online.  Provide assistance with transportation options.  Enter the alternate transportation details into their registration in Raiser’s Edge.
  • Review registrations for youth under 18.  If not attending with parent or legal guardian, they must submit a Minor Medical Release Form.  Best Practice: If you are unsure a child if the adult a child is attending with is the parent or legal guardian, contact them via email to verify.
  • Confirm programming fees: SIC will issue and mail a check made out to the conference. It will be sent to the name and address provided by the conference leadership as the person handling the conference finances. A report will be emailed to you from the Island Registrar with the check details, including conferee name and amount paid.  If you have questions about programming fee payments, ask the Island Registrar.
  • Respond to inquiries from your conferees and contact the Island Registrar with questions you are unsure how to answer for clarification.
  • Communicate any cancellations with the Island Registrar

Four Weeks before your Conference

  • Main season conferences should submit their conferee housing assignments to the Island Registrar. Please use the provided Housing Matrix – Excel Worksheet.  Your registration query from Raiser’s Edge will provide the housing requests and other preferences that need to be considered when making your housing assignments. The Star Island Building Charts are a helpful guide during this process as well. The Charts and the Housing Matrix – Excel Worksheet are available here: Building-Room Charts – Star Island / Registrar Housing Maxtrix.  If you are sharing the Island with another conference, you should work directly with the Registrar from that conference to make housing assignments to avoid duplicate room assignment.  Hotel rooms, cottages, and units should be divided between the conferences sharing the island fairly in a manner to best suit the needs of the conferees.
  • At this point, any unassigned rooms will be offered to Personal Retreaters, Pel Guests, Volunteers, or other guests.  Any late registration requests after this point will be considered by the Island Registrar and can be accepted if space is still available.

Three Weeks before your Conference

  • A Room Assignment Report will be provided by the Island Registrar. This finalized housing report will be based on your submitted Housing Matrix. Conference Registrars are asked to review this report carefully to identify any discrepancies with room assignments and arrival/departure dates.  The Island Registrar and Star Island Corporation may make changes to housing assignments, but will inform you of any changes and why.  At this point, major changes to housing should not be made or requested by the Conference Registrar. Late registrations are not given room choice priority.

One Week before your Conference

  • Final verification of late arrival/early departure overnight guests and accurate entry in Raiser’s Edge.
  • Verify all Minor Medical Release Forms have been received. Any forms you have collected directly should be delivered to the Island Registrar or the Front Desk upon your arrival on the island.
  • Check in with the Island Registrar to confirm all necessary information has been collected or submitted. Discuss any last minute registrations, cancellations or other concerns/needs of your conferees.
  • Optional: Email conferees their housing assignment.  Providing the housing assignment now will allow for any problems to be resolved before arrival.

Upon your Arrival

  • Family conferences should have door tags for children under eight years of age.  They are placed on the door of each room with a child under age eight for hall monitoring and are vital to responders in case of an emergency. These tags are required. If the tags could be hung on the door knobs, as opposed to using tacks or tape, that would be preferable.
  • Check in with the Island Registrar to address any last minute details.
  • Drop off Minor Medical Release Forms

Before Leaving Star Island

  • Verify payment of conferee bills and the conference bill at the Front Desk. If you can provide assistance with identifying any conferees that haven’t pay on the morning of departure, it is very helpful.

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