Life on Star Island is comfortable, but not modern in part due to our commitment to conservation of resources. Living quarters in the main hotel and cottages have shared bathroom facilities for each floor. Although all rooms have electricity, not all rooms are equipped with electrical outlets.

Room Types

Standard Room -Single Occupancy

Standard Rooms are any room in the Oceanic Hotel, Gosport Building, or Cottages. Single Occupancy rooms are limited in number. Any room given to a single adult will be charged the single rate unless no other rooming option is available in which case the “upgrade” will be billed at the Shared Occupancy rate.

Standard Room -Shared Occupancy

Standard Rooms are any room in Oceanic Hotel, Gosport Building, or Cottages Shared Occupancy is two or more people. Full-sized beds are limited in number. Most Shared Occupancy rooms have two twin beds, some have three and only a few have four. Any room shared by 2 adults or combo of adult and child either in one full-sized bed or two twin beds are charged the Shared-Occupancy rate. Priority for full-sized beds should be given to two people over one person.

Motel-Style Units – Shared Occupancy

Motel-Style Units – Shared Occupancy are rooms in Founders, Sprague, YPRU or Baker. These rooms have two twin beds and private toilet and sink in the unit. These rooms are typically reserved for adults. It is rarely possible to give Single Occupancy of motel-style unit rooms even to those willing to pay extra, but it can be done if space allows. The R&B rate for Motel-Style Unit – Single Occupancy is significantly more expensive than any other type of occupancy. In general, priority for motel-style units is given to those guests that have mobility issues and/or who need close proximity to a toilet for medical reasons. Children who are assigned to a motel unit at the request of an adult will be charged the appropriate adult rate.

Special Accommodations

Room location and size are potential issues for those with limited mobility. With regards to mobility and other medical issues, Cottage A, first-floor, is fully wheelchair accessible and includes two improved-accessibility bathrooms with showers. There are 3 rooms on the first floor of A and careful consideration should be taken when assigning these rooms based on need. In cases, where more than one conference is sharing the island, the Island Registrar work with you to ensure those with most need for special accommodations are given equal use of these rooms. Motel-style units include private toilet and sink and require no steps, but they do not allow sufficient space for maneuvering a wheelchair within the room. First-floor rooms in the Cottages B and C require not more than one step, but do not have widened doorways. Cottages A, B and C as well as 15 of the units are accessible via boardwalk and ramp.


The Minister of the Week and his/her guest(s) will be given first priority for Parsonage accommodations, unless a conference specifically requests otherwise or the Minister requests different accommodations. In cases when concurrent conferences have a Minister of the Week, it is expected that the Parsonage will be shared unless other arrangements are negotiated between the conferences. Also, if the island is full, the Minister of the Week may be asked to share the Parsonage with other conferees, typically leadership or speakers. SIC cannot provide hall monitoring service to the Parsonage. Ministers with children 8 and under will need to be housed where this service is provided (Oceanic 2nd Floor), unless the service is not requested. If for any reason the Minister of the Week is not housed in the Parsonage, other conferees will be assigned the space. The Parsonage is only accessible by a short walk and climbing two stone steps. Please consult with the Island Registrar on assigning the Parsonage.

Star Loft

Star Loft is reserved for Star Island Corporation guests. We cannot honor any requests by conferees or conference leadership to stay in Star Loft. Star Loft will be offered by the Development Department in accordance with specific policies to specific conferees. The Island Registrar will alert the Conference Registrar when Star Loft is offered and accepted so you can assign the space.


Due to the limitations of the island’s electrical system (electricity is generated on island) and safety reasons, conferees are asked not to bring appliances with heating elements, such as heating pads, hair dryers, and hot water immersion heaters. The Corporation assumes no liability for damages. Under no circumstances should any appliance with a heating element ever be used in guestrooms. This constitutes a potential fire hazard and is prohibited by our insurance coverage. Only the outlets found in the bathrooms outside the shower rooms can support such appliances. Not all guestrooms are equipped with electrical outlets, if a conferee requires an electrical outlet for medical reasons, such as medical devices of an electrical nature; the Conference Registrar should verify this information is indicated in registration data in the system and house the conferee in a room with an outlet in their initial housing draft. (see Rooming Assignments) The Island Registrar will work to ensure these requests are given priority. Rooms have overhead lighting fixtures but do not have bedside lamps. Conferees are encouraged to bring battery-powered book lights. These are available for a rent fee at the front desk.

Housing Requests

While every attempt will be made to accommodate room preferences, no room request is guaranteed. Late registrants should be instructed not to expect their room preferences, motel units or single occupancy rooms. Individuals requiring special consideration (first-floor rooms, electrical outlet needs, etc.) must indicate such on their registrations and will be prioritized by the Conference and Island Registrars.

Occupancy type requests (see Room Types) will attempt to be honored. Due to the limited quantity of various room types and bed configurations, requests are not guaranteed. Adults are charged based on room assigned and upgrade rates will not be charged if preferred room is unavailable.

Room Assignments

For large main season conferences: the Conference Registrar, by virtue of having an assumed longstanding relationship with their conference, knows much more about the conferee population than the Island Registrar. This is why Conference Registrars are asked to do a “first draft” of room assignments using the Housing Matrix Excel document and Building Charts which can be found via the links below. These “first drafts” must be submitted no later than 4 weeks before your conference. Typically, the drafts provided by the Conference Registrar will be rooms assigned, but in some cases especially when multiple conference are sharing the island, the Island Registrar will make adjustments. Adjusted housing drafts will be returned to the Conference Registrar for review before being finalized by the Island Registrar. Late registrations that are accepted after this point should not cause major changes in your housing (see Housing Requests).

For smaller conferences and groups: the Island Registrar will create a housing plan for your conference. The housing report will be given to the Conference Registrar to review.

Every effort will be made by the Island Registrar to accommodate rooming requests, although there is no guarantee for specific room assignments, even for essential staff. If you have junior/senior teens, be sure that an adult monitor or monitors are designated to be housed in the same area. In this respect, requests made in the name of the conference take priority over requests made by individual conferees. The Island Registrar is always available for consultation on these matters. Building-Room Charts – Star Island / Registrar Housing Maxtrix

Room Changes

Once on the island, conferees may request a room change if there is an issue causing a justifiable adjustment. Room change requests are taken by the Front Desk and are handled by Front Desk Supervisor, Island Registrar and the Conference Registrar. Conferees are asked to make requests by 6:30 p.m. on the first day of the conference. Conferees should expect a reply within 1 to 2 hours due to several factors such as reason for change, availability of other rooms, registrar consultation, and availability of housekeeping to prepare a room. Within reason, needs, and availability, changes will be considered and offered with no additional charge. Multiple room changes or changes after 24 hours in residency will incur additional charges for housekeeping services and linen service. Conference Registrars should make themselves available in the Lobby before dinner to assist with room changes.