Month-by-Month Checklist

This chronological check list will help you throughout the year as you plan your summer program.


  • You will receive an email from us after the season ends with a request for your conference leadership structure. Please provide us with names, positions, contact information and term lengths for anyone in your conference’s leadership.


  • By mid-November we will need a submission from your program for our program catalog (historically referred to as the “Blue Book”). This means you will need to know your theme, key speakers, minister of the week, registration fee, and any other information you want to include in this publication.


  • Check for your conference listing to make sure information is accurate.
  • Registration opens!
  • We will send you a letter of understanding confirming program dates, room and board rates and other policies and details for the upcoming year.


  • Reach out to any conferences who will share the island with you to coordinate meeting space usage and any collaborative activities.
  • Start working on outreach efforts to old Shoalers and potential new Shoalers. Star Staff can help with this effort. Email Chelsea Haskell to create a plan or get help with mailing lists or creating flyers.
  • Applications for the ISAUU Grant Program are due by 2/15.


(main season conferences – by June 1st for September conferences)

Two Weeks Prior to Your Conference:

  • Wednesday Before Arrival

    • Main season conferences: attend planning meeting on Zoom at 4:00. All other conferences: check in with Conferences Services in the lobby 15 minutes prior to dinner on your arrival day.

    Day of/day before the conference:

    • Social hour supplies and other freight should be brought to the dock in Portsmouth at a time arranged with

    Arrival on island:

    • Check in with Conference Services at office hours in the lobby.
    • Appropriate conference staff picks up Newton/Brookfield closet key at Front Desk.

    Before you leave:

    • Introduce us to next year’s chair!
    • Pack up your conference storage (max 3 bins!) and make an inventory list to pass on to next year’s chairs.
    • Ensure all members of your conference have paid their bills (front desk and shops) in full.
    • Appropriate conference staff drops off Newton/Brookfield closet key at Front Desk.

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