Program Marketing And Communications

While 2021 will in most cases not be a year for conferences to focus on growth and bringing in new Shoalers, it will be an important effort for the 2022 season. The information provided below can help you to plan for 2022.

General Outreach

The most effective way to bring people to Star Island is by word of mouth. Here are some tips for bringing in more registrations so that you have a full and vibrant program:

  • Reach out to a few enthusiastic Shoalers from your Conference to ask if they will help with outreach efforts.
  • Reach out to your Shoalers and ask them to bring a friend this year.
  • Look at the people who came to your conference the last few years, and contact those that haven’t yet registered (we can help you out with lists if you don’t have them).
  • Does your theme speaker have an email list? A book tour? A website? Work with your speakers, workshop leaders and other staff to bring their people to Star.

Social Media

Use social media to engage with your conferees throughout the year – a great way to maintain a sense of community, keep your Shoalers coming back and encourage them recommend your conference to others. Need help with a strategy? We’ve put together a Social Media Guide for Conference Leaders as well as a recommended Social Media Schedule for Conference Leaders. Don’t forget to use our promotional videos, which can be found here:

Church Outreach

One of the best places to recruit Shoalers for your conference is within a UU or UCC church. Through the Star Ambassador program we can provide you or your conferees with material and assistance in sharing their love of Star Island with friends, neighbors, and others in their local communities. Knowing that people most often come to Star Island because they hear about us from a friend, the Ambassador Program utilizes the personal connections people have to build the Shoaler community. An ambassadorship is a flexible role which can involve hanging posters in churches, hosting a table during a coffee hour, delivering a presentation about Star Island, and many other possibilities. Ambassadors approach their role in whatever way they feel most comfortable and we work with everyone to create the most useful materials for this volunteer group. If you would like to participate, please email

Minister Overnight Program

This program is offered to ministers who have never been to the island in order to promote your conference and Star Island in general to their congregations. Your conference may invite a minister and his/her guest to visit Star for the night as a conference overnight guest. The minister and guest are encouraged to participate fully in conference activities. We provide one night’s room and board for the minister and guest, however all other expenses must be covered by the individuals or your conference. Your conference is encouraged to waive any registration fee and to cover the costs of boat fares and parking. Typically, only one new minister is permitted during your conference, but if you feel that a second minister would promote your conference and Star Island in a beneficial way, please contact the Island Registrar.


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