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LRE Conference explores creativity

“Creativity Is…” was produced for a multigenerational worship service at the July 2011 Star Island Lifespan Religious Education week conference. Each day the Rev Chris Buice, Kim Mason and team led a multigenerational Unitarian Universalist worship service for the conference. For the “Creativity” themed Thursday morning worship, Peter Bowden worked with conference participants to produce… Read more >


Focus on Star Island sustainability

In her Earth Matters column in today’s edition of the Portsmouth Herald, Deborah Mcdermott focuses on the challenges faced by Star Island with regards to resource consumption and management. Facilities Superintendent Jack Farrell and Pelican Drew Clark speak about measures and initiatives that Star is exploring to improve the island’s sustainability, including solar energy and… Read more >


Star Island Newsletter

Star Island Newsletter Summer 2011 Volume XXXVII, Issue 2 Inside this Issue: Living up to a long legacy Farewell to three generations of Shoalers Host a Starry Night Opportunities for clergy Trio of new videos Oceanic renovations Life on a Star II Focus on the conferences Passages


Star Island awarded $25,000 grants for upgrades

Star Island Corp. has been awarded a $25,000 grant by the Samuel P. Hunt Foundation to be used for improvements to the historic Oceanic Hotel and Cottage A, and another $25,000 grant from the John McIninch Foundation to support Cottage A renovations. Read more at

On the Island

End-of-season Special Offers Available

Star Island is pleased to announce three special offers for the end of the season! 30% Discount for Historic Star and LGBTQ Star Island’s two newest conferences, Historic Star and LGBTQ Family and Friends, offer everyone a 30% discount on room and board. Held August 27 to September 2, both conferences have options for three-… Read more >