Conference Updates

Registration for Star Island’s 2023 Summer Season Now Open

Your visit to Star Island this summer is a little closer now that registration is open. From those first greetings at the dock, to workshop discussions blending into lunch on the front porch, your favorite Star Island moments are approaching.  

We invite you to register now!

Our season opens in June with opportunities for people looking to deepen their knowledge about topics like natural history, the arts, science, and religion. You’ll find time to learn coupled with time to connect. All the while you’ll discover, maybe for the first time or the fiftieth time, that the island’s simplicity provides the space you need to recharge. 

As we move further into summer our multi-generational conferences blossom on the island with playful energy. Theme talks about global issues engage the minds of those gathered in rooms like Elliott Hall, while youth groups interact with island staff to learn about history, the environment, and sustainability. The island community comes together for activities like softball games on the front lawn, meals in the dining hall, and chapel services. 

When September arrives with its earlier setting sun, Star Island plays host to a large number of conferences with varied topics. You can find yourself learning a new yoga position, uncovering a new historical fact about New England, or delighting in the pleasures of a musical performance. 

No matter your connection to the island, we invite you to spend time here at one or more of the conferences that call Star Island home. Find out which conference or program you might attend by visiting our program list. 

Between now and your island visit, we will be busy getting Star ready for the summer season.  

We look forward to being together on Star Island in 2023.