The Pels

A Sense of Belonging: A Pelican Experience

by Josselyn Donahue

I’ve been going to Star my whole life and always wished I had more than just a week. The decision to become a Pel was not a hard one for me, and when I stepped off the boat for my first Pel summer, I got a glimpse of just how lovely the Pel community is. In my three summers on Star, I held positions including waitrae, music director, rounder, and First Aid Station assistant. From guest interactions during the day, cheering friends on in the softball game, watching the sunset, and making nachos late at night in Pel Hall, I have always felt like I’ve belonged.

This community that is so near and dear to our hearts is not something you find just anywhere. It’s hard to describe just how wonderful it is to be in it, you just have to experience it for yourself. I’m always my best self when I’m on Star, and the friends and memories I’ve made there will last a lifetime. I’m forever grateful for being a Pel.

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