The Pels

The Friendships Pelicans Gain

by a Pelican who worked on Star from 2018 – 2022

When I say that I love Star Island, I wouldn’t be lying one bit. I talk about it all the time and anyone who knows me can agree.

It’s such a beautiful place and to work and live on an island over the summer?! It’s hard to find words for such an experience.

Being a Pelican (Pel) has been such an amazing part of my life for the 4 summers that I’ve had the opportunity to work on Star. I’d like to specifically talk about the friendships you can make.

Pels come from all over the country to work here and I’ve gained friendships with people that I never would’ve met if it hadn’t been for Star. I love them. I call them my Pel Pals!

The comfort that I feel from being part of the Pel community warms my heart. Pels looks out for each other and care about each others well being. We are respectful and supportive of everyone no matter who you are. I feel safe to be who I am with no worries about being “too much” or “too quirky.” Pelicans are quirky. Pelicans are pelicans. We are who we are.

The island to me is like a second home.

Being away from home for a few months can get a little homesick, but as you live and work with amazing people and create bonds with the community and the island, Star too could start to feel like a second place to call home.

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