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Pel Hiring Info Session on January 12

Are you thinking about applying to be a Pelican, one of the summer workers on Star Island? Join us for a zoom info session on Thursday, January 12th at 7:30 pm to meet with former Pels. Find out first hand what it’s like to be a Pel and why it can be so meaningful and… Read more >

The Friendships Pelicans Gain

by a Pelican who worked on Star from 2018 – 2022 When I say that I love Star Island, I wouldn’t be lying one bit. I talk about it all the time and anyone who knows me can agree. It’s such a beautiful place and to work and live on an island over the summer?!… Read more >

A Sense of Belonging: A Pelican Experience

by Josselyn Donahue I’ve been going to Star my whole life and always wished I had more than just a week. The decision to become a Pel was not a hard one for me, and when I stepped off the boat for my first Pel summer, I got a glimpse of just how lovely the… Read more >

Frosting Cupcakes and Rolling Buns

by Ann Shanks Etter Working as a Pel gave me an opportunity to use skills I don’t normally get to exercise in my career. I was fortunate to be able to take some time off from being a CPA to go work at Star. I learned new skills, how to roll buns and frost cupcakes,… Read more >

Why You Should Become a Pelican

by Jamie Polson I’ve been going to Star Island my whole life for the International Affairs conference. Star Island is my favorite place in the world. When I was a kid I always looked up to the staff members (Pelicans). They seemed so cool and so nice! Whenever someone would ask me what I wanted… Read more >

Summer 2023 Hiring Now Open

Applications for Star Island’s summer 2023 seasonal positions — Pelicans — are now being accepted. The process is fairly simple, but differs slightly if this will be your first time as a Pelican or if you are returning. Here are some helpful links and information for 2023 applicants: First Time Applicants First time applicants are… Read more >

Star Island Staff Help Distressed Boat in Gosport Harbor

Four Star Island staff members sprang into action Friday morning when a distress call from a lobstering vessel was heard at 8:45 AM over marine radio. Waterfront Services Manager Keith Oshel and Deckhand Rich Kunz approached the distressed vessel aboard one of Star Island’s inflatable boats with a fire extinguisher in hand. After assessing the… Read more >

A Look at the Second Half of Summer 2013

As we shared earlier in the summer, there’s a lot happening on Star Island. As the months continued, even more has happened. And while we could inundate you with endless sunset pictures, we have something even better to share: moments of community. Here are some highlights from the latter part of summer 2013: A new… Read more >

Staff Celebrate Garden Harvest

If you’ve been following us on twitter or instagram, you know that the Pelicans — our summer staff — have been working really hard on gardening this year. Rachel Worthington, our Sustainability Pelican, reports that we have harvested 300 pounds of produce so far this summer. She is hoping this year’s total yield will be… Read more >

A Pelican Summer: Music Director

This is my first full season working on Star Island and it’s been amazing so far. I got introduced to the magic of this place through someone I was visiting last summer in 2012, and loved it so much I decided to apply to work here this summer. I was very pleased to be offered… Read more >