Staff Celebrate Garden Harvest

If you’ve been following us on twitter or instagram, you know that the Pelicans — our summer staff — have been working really hard on gardening this year. Rachel Worthington, our Sustainability Pelican, reports that we have harvested 300 pounds of produce so far this summer. She is hoping this year’s total yield will be 700 pounds.

To celebrate the great work our staff gardeners have done, mostly through volunteering after normal work hours, the Pelicans held a garden party in the Pel Garden overlooking White Island. The garden party meal included stuffed zucchini blossoms, fried eggplant, bruschetta, husk cherries (everyone’s new favorite fruit), a platter of assorted vegetables for dipping, two savory pies, and several loaves of zuchinni bread.

This year’s gardening efforts also include a potato patch behind Founders, adding several zucchini plants to the flower cutting garden behind the Elliott Memorial Building (staff housing), and raising 50 chickens.

Star Island Pelican Garden Party 1 Star Island Pelican Garden Party 2 Star Island Pelican Garden Party 3 Star Island Pelican Garden Party 4