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The Pels

The Friendships Pelicans Gain

by a Pelican who worked on Star from 2018 – 2022 When I say that I love Star Island, I wouldn’t be lying one bit. I talk about it all the time and anyone who knows me can agree. It’s such a beautiful place and to work and live on an island over the summer?!… Read more >

The Pels

A Sense of Belonging: A Pelican Experience

by Josselyn Donahue I’ve been going to Star my whole life and always wished I had more than just a week. The decision to become a Pel was not a hard one for me, and when I stepped off the boat for my first Pel summer, I got a glimpse of just how lovely the… Read more >

The Pels

Frosting Cupcakes and Rolling Buns

by Ann Shanks Etter Working as a Pel gave me an opportunity to use skills I don’t normally get to exercise in my career. I was fortunate to be able to take some time off from being a CPA to go work at Star. I learned new skills, how to roll buns and frost cupcakes,… Read more >

The Pels

Why You Should Become a Pelican

by Jamie Polson I’ve been going to Star Island my whole life for the International Affairs conference. Star Island is my favorite place in the world. When I was a kid I always looked up to the staff members (Pelicans). They seemed so cool and so nice! Whenever someone would ask me what I wanted… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

Summer 2023 Hiring Now Open

Applications for Star Island’s summer 2023 seasonal positions — Pelicans — are now being accepted. The process is fairly simple, but differs slightly if this will be your first time as a Pelican or if you are returning. Here are some helpful links and information for 2023 applicants: First Time Applicants First time applicants are… Read more >