On the Island

June 14th Update on Our Partnership with Ferry Beach to Host Conferences

Star Island Conference Center, located off Portsmouth and Rye at the historic Isles of Shoals, is working in partnership with the Ferry Beach Park Association, a Unitarian Universalist camp/conference center in Saco, Maine, to host Star Island’s Young Adult and Arts Conferences beginning on June 16, 2007. The one week conferences, which run concurrently and begin the Star Island summer season, had to be moved from Star Island to accommodate electrical and fire safety improvements being made to Star Island’s centuries-old buildings including the Oceanic Hotel.

Rev. Brad Greeley, President of the Star Island Corporation said, “We are absolutely delighted that Ferry Beach and its Executive Director, Craig Lentz, are willing to partner with Star Island in such a creative and cooperative way. We expect that our conferees will have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience at Ferry Beach and will be reassured knowing that their conferences will go on as scheduled.”

Amy Lockwood, Executive Director of Star Island said, “Fire safety is Star Island Corporation’s top priority. Given our remote island location, excelling in fire safety equipment and staff training is critical in order to protect the two most important elements of our work: our guests and our historic buildings. Licensed contractors and electricians are now at work on Star Island addressing the list of concerns offered by the Rye Fire Chief and the State Fire Marshall. We appreciate their support of us as we complete this critical work. With the active partnership of these professionals, we look forward to opening the island to our summer conferences in a very short time.”

Craig Lentz, Director of the Ferry Beach Park Association said, “We at Ferry Beach are very happy to be able to work with our colleagues at Star Island in hosting the Arts and Young Adult Conferences next week. This is a good example of the kind of partnership that our two groups can develop for the benefit of both our organizations.”

The Star Island Conference on the Arts will be able to bring its key conference staff and presenters to Ferry Beach. Those presenters include Peter Yarrow (of the famed singing trio Peter, Paul and Mary). Conferees will be housed in Ferry Beach’s picturesque residence buildings. The Star Island Young Adult Conference will house its attendees in platform tents in the grove at Ferry Beach, a short walk from the Conference Center’s Beach and main buildings. Star Island may send some members of its summer staff to Ferry Beach to assist the conference center in accommodating all parts of the conferences for the week, Lockwood said.

Other seacoast organizations have also extended their support to Star Island. The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company (ISSCO), a long-valued community partner, is making deliveries of fresh water to supply the Star Island staff as they focus their work on fire safety work. The Geneva Point Conference Center, a United Church of Christ (UCC) conference center on Lake Winnepesaukee, has also offered their support and assistance to Star Island.

For further information:
Amy Lockwood, Executive Director, Star Island: (603) 817-8694;

Craig Lentz, Executive Director, Ferry Beach Park Association: 207-284-8612; fbcraig@maine.rr.com