News from the Board

An update from Brad Greeley, Board President

At a special Board meeting May 18th, the Star Island Board of Directors re-elected me as President and elected Russ Peterson to be our new Vice President. Russ is a regular at NHC and has been the President of South Church in Portsmouth which I also attend.

Open-up went very well. Perhaps the most exciting news was the remarkable progress being made on the West Wall. Our fire inspections all went very well and our first conferences—ARTS and YAC—are now up and running.

Registration. We are coming along but are behind last year’s numbers. If you are not yet decided, please join us. The Board voted to eliminate Room & Board charges for children 2 and under. It is an obvious investment in the future. We are on target budget-wise for the end of the year, but we need to fill more beds in a number of conferences.

As you can see in the picture, the Chapel path has been greatly improved. However, we still are exploring options for Chapel seating.

We have taken a hard look at who we are and how we function. I am confident that we have learned a great deal and are moving ahead well. We all are looking forward to the summer as never before. On behalf of the SIC Board, we hope you get to the Island for a week, or perhaps just a few days. We need you to come back, feel the spirit of our Island and be refreshed so you will be re-inspired to help us continue on our mission.

Yours in Star spirit,
Brad Greeley