Shoalers in the News

Shoaler Ned Tillman wins 2nd National Book Award

All Star I Shoaler, Ned Tillman’s book, The Chesapeake Watershed: A sense of place and a call to action, was recently selected as the: 2010 Winner of the Excellence in Journalism Award by the Renewable Natural Resource Foundation of Bethesda, Maryland.

Earlier in the year the book was selected as the 2010 Winner of the Best Book on Environmental and Natural Resources selected by The American Society for Public Administration.

A very engaging book, written for the layman, The Chesapeake Watershed promotes the importance of individual action in restoring our environment by using stories from the Chesapeake Bay as a metaphor for all watersheds. It weaves together vignettes of the natural wonders found in our own backyards with science-based discussions of natural processes. It helps develop a greater sense of place as a basis for encouraging the reader to become a better steward of the land and all our natural resources.

The Chesapeake Watershed inspires readers to become champions at home, in the community, and at work to incorporate more sustainable practices into everything they do and is currently being used in colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools.

Tillman, a dynamic, intriguing speaker, is conducting fund raising events to provide books to schools that cannot afford them in order to strengthen environmental education throughout the region.

Tillman is the Chair of the Howard County Sustainability Board, past chair of the Howard County Conservancy, and a Sustainability Advisor to local businesses, colleges, and non-profit organizations. His firm, Growth Adventures, LLC helps these organizations assess opportunities, and develop plans for embedding good sustainability practices into everything they do. He is currently on a book tour presenting motivational talks and key-note addresses.

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