Shoalers in the News

Star makes the news for green initiatives, new CEO and more

Left to right – Jeremy Bell (ISSCo); Jack Farrell (SIC); Vicky Hardy (SIC); Russ Peterson (SIC); Angela Matthews (SIC); Joe Watts (SIC); Jerod Blanchett (ISSCo)

Star Island has been at the center of a lot of news this week as we get ready to kick-start the 2012 season.

Seacoast Online profiles Joe Watts, who will succeed Vicky Hardy as Star Island CEO after Hardy retires later this year to move to Seattle, Wash. to be with her family. Portsmouth Patch takes great interest in our planned green initiatives, including the use of more solar power on the island to reduce the need for fossil fuels, a reduction in energy consumed for fresh water production and wastewater treatment, fewer solid waste exports and cuts to the number of boat trips to take passengers to and from the island to reduce fuel consumption.

The Concord Monitor and TV station WMUR-9 report on Star Island’s plans to convert to solar energy

Finally, Kittery station WCSH-6 has caught wind of the exciting Star Island Literary Festival, that in its inaugural year welcomes acclaimed authors Anita Shreve, Katherine Towler and Corwin Ericson.