Star Island Corporation

Star Island in Christian Century

Check out the new Star Island ad in the May 1, 2013 issue of Christian Century. Our ad promoting United Church of Christ themed programs, is located on page 36.

Star Island’s summer 2013 UCC themed programs included Star Gathering UCC 1, Star Gathering UCC 2, and Laity Family Weekend. All three of these programs are open for people of any age. Both Star Gathering programs also have an independent youth program for high school-aged youth.

As the ad in Christian Century says, online registration is now open for all programs. And new families can take advantage of a special discount for attending either Star Gathering 1 or 2, or Laity Family Weekend. Check out our discount page to learn more.

Pictures in this advertisement were provided by (from top) Bob Levine, Irene Bush, Steve Hathaway, and Sean D. Elliot.