On the Island

Energy Efficiency Highlights Renovated Shower Rooms

Star Island recently renovated the guest shower rooms located in the Oceanic Hotel. The project included demolishing the old cement showers and installing new, vinyl showers. Not only are the new showering stalls bright and fresh, but also come with private changing spaces.

Beyond the new shower structures, staff and contractors looked at air flow and worked to utilize eco-friendly devices to dehumidify the air. By decreasing the moisture level in the air, something hard to do on an island known for its salty sea breezes, guests will have a much more agreeable time using the shower rooms for years to come.

Building upon both the need to dehumidify the shower room air and remaining true to our Green Gosport Initiative, Star Island installed water heating units that essentially work both sides of the job. The Steibler Eltron water heaters are built to withdraw humid air and emit cool, dry air. Essentially, Star Island has installed giant air conditioners in the shower rooms that also heat the shower water. Pretty cool, right?

Check out this explanation of the new heaters written by Marshall Frye, Island Engineering Technician:

Star Island High Efficiency Water Heaters