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Show & Tell: Star Island

Star Island Presentation Photo

Although this is maybe a bit too 90’s to admit, we just burnt a bunch of CD’s with our slide show presentation – the Star Island 2014 Presentation Disc. So now is your time to share Star Island with these technologically advanced discs. If you’d like a disc, email with your request (don’t forget to say “please”) and your mailing address. Yours will be sent out lickety-split because no row boats are required — they’re already on the mainland!

Here are some scenarios that might come up which require you to have one of our discs:


  • You’ve noticed that your congregation’s social hour could use some spice, and the Mexican-hot chocolate is a bit too much for your crowd. The Star Island 2014 Presentation Disc is perfect for this situation. Just load it up on your laptop, have it playing as people walk by. Voila! You’re having a conversation about your spirit’s home.
  • You’re attending a family party (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc…) and everyone is tip-tapping away on their smart phones. Well, smarten your family up with a viewing of Star Island’s snazzy video version which is part of the Star Island 2014 Presentation Disc. This will bring your family together for an inter-generational family event. You’ll be happier than that time you found out the front desk can charge up your cell phone for free.
  • You’re taking a cross country trip on a budget airline and it costs extra to use wi-fi, and no in-flight movies are scheduled. Problem solved, friend. Bring along the Star Island 2014 Presentation Disc, put it in your laptop, and you’ve got a companion for the entire flight. The video might be only a few minutes long, but you’ve got 6 hours to enjoy it on repeat.
  • Know someone afraid of the dark? Be a great neighbor and lend them your copy of the Star Island 2014 Presentation Disc. Once inserted into a computer, the disc will brighten any room with soothing pictures and welcoming words. Consider this the cure to insomnia.
  • Trying to connect with the millennial generation? They eat vintage things up like brunch served on antique plates at formica tables. Connect with this crowd by showing our vintage-quality CDs. And to attract the hipster crowd, just let them know this is so cool that it’s not even on iTunes. They’ll not care, but they’ll care.



But in all reality, we do hope you have a chance to display the slide show or video on our presentation disc. People come to Star Island because of people like you who share Star Island.

To request a CD or for more information, please contact You’ll be loved.