Starry Night 2013 – Featured Crafter – Paulette Semprini

Starry Night starts at 5:30 PM on November 16 at the Discover Portsmouth Center. Join us for this evening of crafts, discussion, entertainment and food. Purchase your tickets in advance.

Starry Night’s craft exhibit includes jewelry created by Paulette Semprini:

Paulette Semprini Jewelery 1The jewelry designs of Paulette d. Semprini reflect the diversity and inspirations of coastal living. She has created a contemporary collection of pieces that are classic, fun and uninhibited. The elegance and shades in each stone are inspired by the sea, sand and jetties that cover the shorelines and harbors of the east coast. Its look and design free every woman to be bold and daring in a simple way. Pieces need not match, while providing a pop of color and style, discerning women find most satisfying. “I have spent my life sailing from Long Island to Maine. Surrounded by the water every day since my childhood has provided a compelling appreciation for nature’s ability to influence our life style and attitudes.” – Paulette


Paulette Semprini Jewelery 2
Paulette Semprini Jewelery 3