Shoaler Voices

Sharing Star Island: A Mug Shot

Sharing Star Island just got more creative thanks to an idea from All Star 2 Shoaler Roger Kellman.

Star Island Mug Shot Icon

Roger’s idea for sharing Star Island starts with his congregation’s social hour. Many folks sharing Star Island use their congregation’s social hour because it’s a time designed for casual conversation and, well, talking about Star Island is pretty easy to do. But how do you start the conversation? This is where Roger’s idea takes off. His conversation starter is the mug people are drinking their coffee out of. Roger donated mugs to his congregation that say “Star Island” on them, and now Star Island is just a sip away for most people.

If you like this idea, start it at your congregation! Contact your minister, parish administrator, or social hour coordinator to ask if you can donate Star Island mugs. We suggest emailing our friends at the Shops On Star to see their mug offerings, or use an online company to create your own.

If you start your own Star Island mug project, let us know! Email with your Sharing Star Island stories.