Green Gosport Initiative

Aluminum Cans Are Best for Star Island

by Jack Farrell, Island Manager and Director of Facilities

Sustainability can happen with bold moves like solar installations and new water systems. But it also can happen through the little things that we do every day. We’re trying to work on both of these and we need your help.

As part of the Green Gosport Initiative, Star Island encourages guests and staff this year to opt for canned beverages over bottled whenever possible.

The reasons for this are many: cans are lighter, crushable, easier to store and easier to transport. Cans are also safer. Cans have value as high grade aluminum scrap, and since we don’t have a redemption law in New Hampshire, we can recover some value for the Island by collecting the season’s aluminum and selling it- as we already do with other valuable unwanted metal.

Nearly all soft drinks and juices are available in cans which are more easily recycled than glass or plastic. Some very good beer is now available in cans and is available for purchase in Portsmouth. And, if you prefer wine, boxed options are available. The boxes can then be composted on island.

We have been steadily reducing the cost of waste removal over the past few years through recycling and composting, and the elimination of all hazardous waste. Collecting and disposing of empty beverage containers comprises a surprisingly high proportion of the work of the Truck and Boat Crews. With limited concealed space for trash we have difficulty storing these materials while they wait to be removed. The can program will save money and time, provide funds for worthy projects, and help make us an even greener Star Island.

In the first week of Open Up we are already successfully implementing this plan. I really hope that you will consider this option when purchasing beverages for your stay on Star Island.

We all look forward to seeing you on island soon!

Thanks and Cheers!