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Our Top Facebook Posts from 2014

We like to keep you informed of what’s happening on Star Island through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here’s a review of our most popular Facebook posts from 2014 to reminisce about. And when your heart strings are pulled just so, go ahead and register for summer 2015.

The Snowy Owl

The snowy owl is always guaranteed a thumbs up from our crowd. Photo by Tim O’Connor

Solar Panel Installation

Time for some sunshine. Photo by Tim O’Connor

Requisite Halloween Post

What’s halloween without a foggy picture from Star Island? Just another day. Photo by Sean D. Elliot

Stormy Weather

A few raindrops won’t ruin our day, especially if there’s work to be done. Photo by Grace Cho


While sunsets get all the attention, sunrises from Star Island are not at all bad. Photo by Ellen Legard

John Smith Days

We commemorated the 400th Anniversary of Capt. John Smith mapping New England with three interactive history days in 2014. Photo by Kyle M. Belmont

Fourth of July

Flags. Lots of flags. Photo by Kyle M. Belmont

Vaughn and Marine Lab Open

Two of our favorite places on Star Island held an opening night reception for summer staff to peruse around.

Star Island to the Rescue

Boat in distress? Not any more. Star Island staff rushed to aid a boat in Gosport Harbor one sunny, but very windy day. Photo by Kyle M. Belmont

Those Lanterns

Not everything has to be solar powered to be cool. Photo by Kyle M. Belmont

Island Open-Up

We thought it was spring, but it looks a bit wintry. Photo by Johnny Kadlik

First Day 2014

Just like the first day of school, our staff show up for their first day on the island in 2014 with all the freshest office supplies.

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