On the Island

Our Top Tweets from 2014

You’ve seen our top Facebook and Instagram posts from 2014, now it’s time for our top tweets. This past year on Twitter we’ve kept you informed about events like our Star Island Block Party, and projects like our solar array installation and front porch reconstruction. You can expect more of the same in 2015, but why just read about it through tweets? Register online for summer 2015 on Star Island and experience it for yourself.

Solar Powered

Solar power is our middle name.

#GivingTuesday Friends

On #GivingTuesday we gave a shout-out to our fellow UU camps and conference centers on twitter

#GivingTuesday Support

This past #GivingTuesday we were so fortunate to have a number of people share why Star Island is important to them. This post, by Peter Squires, was our most popular tweet of our supporters that day.

Everyone Loves History

Also popular on our Facebook feed, #ThrowbackThursday is one way we share our history throughout the year. Even when the pictures are of nothing dramatic, like this one showing Fred McGill completing a chalkboard schedule, people still love it. We’ll just call that the Fred McGill factor.

Star is TV Famous

Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but we did appear as the host location for two shows that aired in New Hampshire in 2014 including a week of NH Chronicle, and Fritz Wetherbee’s Haunted New Hampshire episode.

Double the Fun

Why have one rainbow when you could have two?

Stormy Picture

One of the most beautiful things on Star Island is to watch a summer storm quickly pass by with lightning flashes in the distance. Sometimes the storms get a little close though, as with this picture taken by one of our volunteer medical staff.

Apply Yourself

The December/January time in our office is busy as we prepare for online registration and Pelican applications. As many youth have grown up dreaming of when they will become Pelicans, the application process is something of a big deal. Our 2015 applications are also up, in case you are interested.