Some Old Notes

We recently came across a pile of work request notes that guests filled out in 2008 and, for a reason we’re not too sure of, were kept in an envelope in our office. Granted, not as exciting as the recent opening of the time capsule left by Samuel Adams in 1795, these almost seven-year-old notes capture some odd and humorous requests during one fine summer on Star Island. Here’s a selection of those notes.

Pump It!


Bicycle pumps are hard to come by on a 47 acre island, so we try to keep one handy. We appreciate the time frame given in this note.

Fresh Ice


While not as elusive as a bicycle pump, fresh ice is in high demand most evenings during social hour (and especially on margarita night it turns out).

Whenever for Bubbles


This is possibly the cutest note we’ve ever received. Whenever for bubbles! How about right now?

We’re thinking this bubble recipe was used for one of many lawn game afternoons for youth and families.

From Ursula or Whoever


This invitation (?) to dances in Newton all week is great. We just don’t know exactly who is inviting us. You’re right, it’s more likely we are being told about a scheduling change for a conference activity, but we’d like to think this is our invitation to some awesome themed dance.

Celery Secret


These people want some butter, and some celery. Just keep the celery on the downlow.



This is why we can’t have nice things. Someone is spilling coffee on the bed linens. We smudged out the name to protect the guilty as the statute of limitations has expired. But in all honesty, we are more than happy to switch out your linens if you ever need (you can always blame things on ghosts when you want, too).

Also, thank you Dan for replacing those sheets.

Movie Night?


Like you even had to ask, Kate. Certainly. We can even watch “Never Been Kissed” every night this week.

Want to write your own note? Visit Star Island this summer for one of our many conferences. And if you do write a note, maybe you’ll see it on our website in seven or eight years.