For Your Enjoyment: Our Staff Talent Shows


The creative spirit on Star Island, ever present in our summer programs, is equally ingrained in our summer staff. Before work starts, between shifts, or when a day is over our staff can be found painting on the rocks, strumming their guitars, or taking photographs of the beautiful scenery. Even during work you might find our staff — the Pelicans — singing while they fold laundry, or thinking up ideas for a skit in that week’s Pelican Show.

What is the Pelican Show? This is the staff’s weekly talent show for our guests. Usually held in the Oceanic Hotel lobby, the show is our staff displaying their talents generally through music and acting. The Pelicans often sing or play original music, sometimes inspired by their island experiences. Others perform covers of songs that speak to their summer. Their have been flashmobs with Pels jumping out from all over the lobby to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and barbershop quartets dressed in costume. Original poetry and prose are shared, and skits are often remakes of classic Monty Python skethces.

Scenes from a Pel Show


These Pelican Shows have been occuring for years, and our island museum in Vaughn Cottage has a number of recordings from shows in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. You can click here to listen to a sampling of that collection. Throughout the years the outfits have changed, but the enthusiasm and talent has remained constant. The Pelicans still gather in front of the gift shop doors to perform and guests are seated in dining hall chairs moved into the lobby.

When you visit one of our week long summer programs, you’ll be treated to a Pelican Show. And as you stroll around the island during the day you might even come across Pels practicing music while sitting on the lawn. Stop and listen, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful voices and pure talent.

When each Pelican Show concludes the staff finishes by singing the Pelican Encore. Here’s that encore from a show in the 1970’s.