Over Thar


Amongst our artifacts we recently found this poem written by Sewell Hayes. The poem captures the community aspect of Star Island, which has been the hallmark of our summer gatherings since the start of conferences in 1897. The poem is undated, but is most likely from the 1920’s or 30’s based on the year of other ephemera it was located with.

We’re not sure if Sewell wanted to capture some sort of New England or downeast twang in this poem, or if he simply liked forcing words to rhyme with Star. Either way, this poem provides a youthful voice exclaiming the bright community fostered on Star Island. Below we offer the text of the poem, and if you click on the image, you can view a larger image of the original.

Have you met all the people on Star?
They got singin and frolic over thar.
They got laughter in their eyes,
And they don’t have time for sighs;
That’s the people you find on Star.

If you ever go out to Star
Say “hello” to all the people over thar.
They will shake you by the hand,
And they’ll make you feel so grand,
That’s the people you find on Star.

When you’re packing your trunk for Star,
Carry only happiness for people thar,
They will give it back to you,
With enough to take you through,
Til the next time you come to Star.

When you leave all the people at Star
Give a thought to the friendships over thar.
Keep their memories in your heart,
All the time you are apart,
And for God’s sake, come back next yar.