Shoaler Voices

Winter Caretaker Shares Story on NHPR


The voice of Star Island’s winter caretaker was broadcast over the air recently when a story about her unique job and the journey that led her here was shared on New Hampshire Public Radio.

Reported by Sean Hurley, the piece provides a look into Alex de Steiguer’s background and the inspiration she finds on Star Island each winter for her creative work, which mainly focuses on photography.

Caring for Star during the winter means daily chores, checking on buildings, and shoveling snow as needed. But it also provides time for photographs.

I think for me it’s the scene itself. And with the photograph that I make of it I only hope that I can do that justice.

And what does Alex think of the island vs. the mainland?

But out here’s it’s like I’m a glass of water and I’m just filled right up and on the mainland I spill it all out.

Click here to hear the NHPR broadcast.