Green Gosport Initiative

Sustainability Digits: Cardboard, Water, Chickens


We’ve been busy on Star Island measuring our resources. Here are some digits from the week of August 8 – 14:

Compost to Chickens: 611 lbs

Certain leftover foods can be sent to our flock of chickens on island. So instead of throwing out 611 lbs of food, we were able to feed our growing chickens (who will later be food for staff).

Cardboard for Compost: 273 lbs

With loads of cardboard on island, we recycle some, but also shred most to add to our compost. Why? Composting needs a combination of nitrogen and carbon. Our food waste provides the nitrogen; shredded cardboard adds carbon.

Water Per Person: 87 gallons

We create drinking water on Star Island from a mix of sources: reverse osmosis, treated rain water, and imported water. Last week our staff and guests used, on average, 87 gallons of water per person for showering, cooking, and laundry, among other purposes.