On the Island

A message from the leaders of the Young Adults Conference

About the Young Adults Conference (YAC)

In young adulthood, we may struggle through droughts of creativity, question our spiritual direction, and realign our core concepts of self-identity. Some of us pursue degrees, others careers, and still others pursue alternative paths, all of which afford us powerful and formative experiences. Young adulthood is a transition period of great opportunity: a time to share experience; learn from one another; create and destroy; debate and reflect; laugh and cry and be your true self. YAC explores this life in transition.

YAC challenges us to speak to each other and listen and participate without judgment. Deeply tied to Unitarian Universalist Association’s core principles, YAC is dedicated to the belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all people and the empowerment of young adults to affect real change in their lives and the world. YAC plays a unique role in the Star Island community by acting as a bridge between the Star Island youth groups, the Pelican community, and the family conferences.

YAC’s mission is to cultivate deep personal and spiritual relationships while providing an experience that is a unique combination of a summer camp, an experimental community and a spiritual retreat. YAC also offers respite at Star Island where one may enjoy a quiet sunset, be lulled by the ocean, or take part in one of our group activities. You can join the softball team, jam with fellow musicians, take a yoga class, or sing your heart out at karaoke night. You can also use the week to take time to yourself, relax with a good book, and catch up with old friends. YAC invites you to experience our community and Star Island and experience self-discovery and connection.