On the Island

Art Project – Turn Your Home Into Star Island

Many of us are missing the beloved quirks and intricacies of our Spirit’s Home. The spaces we gather on Star can be as compelling as the conversations and experiences we have there. What’s the first thing you see when the boat pulls up to the pier? For many, it’s the Welcome to Star Island sign beckoning you to set foot on your Spirit’s Home. This art activity, created by former Pelican Art Director Annabelle Cook, gives you the chance to visit each of the special moments you experience on Star. Lighting a chapel candle, ordering a lime rickey off the snack bar menu, visiting the front desk, writing with a flower pen, the list goes on! This project lets you unleash your creative side while taking time to reminisce all the little moments Star Island adds to our lives.

How to Turn Your Home Into Star Island:

  1. Watch the video – See link below
  2. Download “Star Island at Home” PDF’s – See link below
  3. Print
  4. Color & Cut
  5. Hang up around your house
  6. Record video tour
  7. Post online with #StarIslandAtHome

Click here to watch the video and get your printables