On the Island

A message from the leaders of All Star 1

All Star I Family Conference offers a multi-generational experience where shoalers old and new can explore matters of consequence while partaking in a community that is deep, creative, and family-friendly.

Children attend group activities in the morning and afternoon, providing adults with freedom to relax, attend morning lectures by renowned speakers, and explore pursuits of their own. Each day there are multiple opportunities to experience music, art and sports activities as well as a writing group, a book group and educational talks on the rocks.

At the heart of the Star Island experience is the sense of ongoing community set in a place of beauty, a place many come to call home. Whether you come for the community, the tidepools, the music, or the breathtaking views, Star Island offers something for everyone.

Thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers, and assistance from Island staff, conference plans that had been in development for nearly two years have been thoughtfully adapted to meet our new circumstances. We hope that you will join us as we gather and share many of our favorite traditions and activities – VIRTUALLY. During the week we will be hosting children’s and adult chapel, book group, Talks on the Rocks, Musicale, the perennial favorite 15 x 20 slide presentation, a family scavenger hunt, and a virtual art barn experience, to name a few.

Planning continues for our next in-person conference in 2021 when we welcome Catherine Dunn, Film and Video Chair at Viewpoint School in Calabasas California. Catherine will examine how color, visual composition and music work together to influence our emotional response to media. With lots of excerpts from popular and classic films, She will guide us through an analytical viewing of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, North by Northwest, so we can put our new knowledge to work.

Please join us virtually in 2020 and we look forward to welcoming you back to All Star One in 2021.

Virtual Events hosted by All Star 1:
Talks on the Rocks
15 x 20 Presentations
Family Scavenger Hunt