On the Island

Want to host a Starry-Night-A-Thon?

On Saturday, November 19, Star Island will host the annual Starry Night benefit. This fun, social event held in 2009 and 2010 was attended by about 200 and raised an average of $6,000 after expenses from ticket sales and commissions on art.

This year we figured out a way for everyone to be part of the fun no matter where you live by creating a Starry Night-A-Thon. Shoalers near and far are welcome to organize your own Starry Night event and join in the fun in your own region.

    What would it involve to be part of the Starry Night-A-Thon?

  • Find a space (your church or your home, depending on number of guests)
  • Plan a program (options include music, art exhibit, Star Island video or slide show, invite a guest speaker, or view “Weight of Water” about the Smuttynose murders starring Sean Penn)
  • Arrange for refreshments (dessert and coffee, pot luck finger foods, spaghetti supper, or other simple options)
  • Track down other shoalers in your region to co-host
  • Ask for a donation at the door ($20 suggested) to benefit Star Island
  • Get out invitations by going viral on the internet! Or contact the SIC Development Office for a list of shoalers in your area

If you are interested in being part of the Starry-Night-A-Thon social and raising some money for Star Island in the process, please contact the Development Office to make arrangements by calling (603) 430-6272 or emailing amatthews@starisland.org for more information.