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Save 30% on Historic Star: Mystery and Mayhem

Star Island offers discount for 7-Day Historic Star Conference

Star Island Corporation is pleased to announce a 30% discount on room and board for the 7-night Historic Star Conference on the Isles of Shoals from Saturday, August 25 to Saturday, September 1. This 7-night event will entertain people with speakers, workshops, and activities focused on the lore and legends of Star Island and related mainland communities.

With scandals as big as murder and stories as intriguing as pirates, witches and ghosts, the Historic Star Conference invites you to learn about our region’s history and separate from the mainland for a week.

Guests of the 7-night Historic Star Conference are invited to determine the truth behind stories of pirates, treasure, ghosts and murder just 10 miles off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire. Participants will surround themselves with the cottages and structures used by fishing families in the 17th and 18th centuries while learning about the isolated fishing village of Gosport on the Isles of Shoals.

Hear strange stories about odd characters from around the region with writer and humorist Rebecca Rule.

Join Carolyn Marvin of the Portsmouth Athenaeum and author of Hanging Ruth Blay to hear the true story of the last woman hanged in New Hampshire.

Play the role of a famous Shoals character or a detective at an evening “Star Island Mystery Soiree.”
Learn of ships that perished on nearby rough waters with Seacoast Science Center president Wendy Lull. Among other wrecks, hear of the “Lizzie Carr,” a 286 ft. schooner lost in a 1905 storm off the coast of Rye, NH.

Some of the most dramatic legends and ghost appearances come from New England’s seafaring history and maritime past. Join author Roxie Zwicker of New England Curiosities on a visual voyage along the scenic New England coast.

Enjoy the creation of a salt cod dish from the 1872 cookbook of Miss Parloa, the pastry cook of Appledore House during the Shoals resort era. Discover the role this humble product played in the founding of our nation and how the Isles of Shoals produced the world’s most renowned salt cod.

“The Isles of Shoals have been the home to so much history,” conference organizer Ann Beattie said. “From explorer John Smith to oil tycoon Aristotle Onassis, Star Island has stories to tell and the Historic Star Conference is the perfect way to learn about the mystery and mayhem surrounding the Isles.”

“We hear ghost stories all the time out on Star Island, and now there is an opportunity to experience more than ghosts,” Star Island Chief Executive Officer Vicky Hardy said. “The Historic Star Conference provides a relaxing way to learn about New England’s isolated gem of history.”

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit, or call (603) 430-6272.

The Star Island Corporation was established as a nonprofit organization in 1916 to hold and administer Star Island and its historic properties for religious, educational and kindred purposes. The Laighton family owned and operated hotels on the Isles of Shoals that attracted some of the most prominent artists and writers of their day. Some of the cottages on Star Island date back to the 1700s. For more information, visit