A Message from the Development Office

One of the best benefits of working for Star Island is summer residency on the island and the opportunity to sample each of the programs and related activities.  International Affairs exposed me to experts on the spread of a democratic revolution across the Middle East and the way in which technology did or did not play a role.  A few weeks later I returned to that same part of the world with Star Gathering II and peered at the region through the stories of Genesis.  Different times, yet the stories seemed so similar.  Italian Jungian scholar Stefano Carter shared so many images and symbols that seem to emerge from our unconscious and yet are rooted in a place of “knowing before we know,”  for example, the double helix of the genetic code embodied in the caduceus, the retired logo of the American Medical Association.  Rev. Nancy Wood’s inspiring opening worship at All Star I provided a special centering and opportunity for quiet reflection during this high-energy conference.  I found all of it quite fascinating and learned a little more about the culture of each conference I explored.

Paul George, one of the artists on the faculty of the Road Scholar conference on Star, has generously donated a spectacular 24” x 30” oil painting set on Star Island to be raffled off at the end of the 2013 season.  We will begin selling raffle tickets for the painting on December 3.  Tickets will be available on-line, at the Oceanic Front Desk throughout the season, and at Paul George’s art studio in Gloucester MA.  View his work at