On the Island

Green Gosport Initiative a Success

With a focus on energy, waste, food and education, Star Island succeeded in the first year of the Green Gosport Initiative.
Facilities Superintendent Jack Farrell announced the measured progress Star Island has taken. “Our vibrant Star Island community came together this past summer to remarkably reduce our waste and increase our efficiencies.”

Star’s push towards a greener summer destination included evaluating and adjusting use of diesel powered generators. As the power source for the entire island, including two reverse osmosis machines, the generators can consume large amounts of costly oil. To counteract this reality with the need for such things as potable drinking water, Star partnered with the M/V Thomas Laighton to supply supplemental water throughout the summer.

Savings on diesel also came from fewer freight boat trips in 2012 and more efficient oil transfer capabilities from holding tanks.
Farrell also shared that Star Island greatly reduced the amount of landfill waste created on island by 38.8% in 2012. This reduction equaled 180 fewer yards of trash coming off of the island. As a counter to waste reduction, Star increased recycling by 73.9% with 176 more yards of material this past summer. These landfill reductions resulted from increased education and communication through staff led sustainability discussions. The totals also come from a year with an increase in overnight registrations.

In 2013 Star Island hopes to accomplish the following goals with the GGI: Install a large scale solar PV array, further reduce usage of reverse osmosis machines, repair and expand water collection system for quicker cistern filling, add water transport capabilities to staff boat, increase on-island recycling, purchase more food from local and sustainable sources, and continue with weekly community education plans to name a few.