On the Island

2012: A Year of Accomplishments

Hello fellow Shoalers!
It was a wintry mix this morning, yet things are already heating up in preparation for the next season on Star. A lot is in the works to get ready for next June and a lot has been accomplished in the last 12 months.
I want to take a few minutes to share several successes from the past year that will help us continue our progress to sustainability. So here are a few accomplishments:

  • We have surpassed our occupancy plan for 2012.
  • We have taken the difficult steps to reduce island costs while preserving the Star experience.
  • We have exceeded our financial goals in 2012.
  • We have successfully completed our Capital Campaign.
  • We have completed an RFP process and are pursuing alternatives to the use of diesel on island.
  • We have completed an engineering study to improve efficiencies in wastewater treatment.
  • We have appreciated the leadership of Vicky Hardy as she has relocated to the west coast.
  • We have accomplished a smooth transition to our own Joe Watts as our new CEO.
  • We have supported staff efforts to reorganize our organization for the coming year.
  • We are in the midst of replacing our entire database system.
  • We have not requested extra support from the Permanent Trust.
  • We have met compliance requirements of our bankers and regulators.
  • We have completed an entire renovation of Cottage A.
  • We have held a strategic planning session at the Board’s winter retreat.
  • We have started the major renovation of the hotel front wall and porch.

I do go on… All of these accomplishments, and many more, have sprung from the tireless efforts of all our staff and countless volunteers. The Shoaler Community continues to be a model of generous sharing of time, talent, and treasure.
On behalf of a grateful Board – thank you all!
Russell A. Peterson, President of SIC