On the Island

Share the Island Love

By Joe Watts, CEO

This issue of the newsletter asks of us “What do you love about Star Island?” Stop and think about this for a moment…what do you love about Star Island?

I’m guessing that your answer might have something to do with a sense of community and belonging, and how we’re challenged to be our best selves and bring the Star magic home with us. It might have to do with the unique combination of place, people and programming. Perhaps it’s because Star is a great place to be a kid or to know your kids are having an amazing and enriching experience.

Our vision statement says we “…create on Star an environment that frees all who come to renew spiritually, explore matters of consequence, and gain knowledge about the world as it might ideally be.” Awesome.
You know how you and others have fallen in love with Star. Now it’s time to share the love. We have some bold new programs to attract new families, families who haven’t been for a while, former Pelicans, off-island groups, people who want to come to more than one conference, and more. We are inviting you to reach out to these folks, make sure they know about these opportunities for substantial savings, and encourage them to come to a conference in 2013.
More information on the following programs is available at www.starisland.org:

  • New families: Perhaps you’ve heard about how wonderful Star is, likely from a friend or family member. This year, you can bring your family to one of seven conferences for a significantly reduced rate (room & board capped at $2,000, or $1,600 for single parent households). This maximum/cap is particularly helpful for families with children aged 6 and up (since room & board is already free for all children under 6).
  • Families who haven’t been for a while: Why not return this year? We are extending this same offer to you, if you haven’t attended a full-length conference since 2010. S-T-A-R…you will come back!
  • Pelicans: Remember how much you loved your time on the island? If you have not attended a conference since you’ve been a Pelican – or if you have but not since 2010 – why not come to a full-length conference this year and receive 50% off your room & board?! R-A-T-S…you will come back!
  • Group discounts: Ever thought of bringing out your book group, garden club, or church group? This is the year! We are offering significant discounts to each member of your group (including you) for existing mainland groups which come to Star for the first time in 2013.
  • Come twice & save big: Have you ever thought of doubling your time on Star? This is the time – anybody who attends a full-length conference this year can also come during the last week in August and get 50% off their room & board!
  • Financial aid: Star Island Corporation offers a confidential financial aid program, and most conferences also offer a scholarship program, to assist those who can’t otherwise afford to come.
  • And don’t forget that room & board is free for all children under 6!

We are inviting lovers of Star to share the love. This is the year to bring your friends and family – whether they’re new to Star or haven’t been back for a while. Help us to spread the word – Star Island is amazing, and this is the year to come for a radically reduced rate!
See you – and your friends – on Star!