On the Island

An Art Barn Raising

Star Island benefits from so much volunteer help and that is incredibly evident this spring. Scroll through our Facebook page and you’ll find lots of pictures of volunteers helping out, or numerous projects completed in part or in whole by volunteers.

Recently, a group from the All Star 2 Family Conference headed out to Star Island and revamped the Art Barn. A favorite gathering place for all ages, this building has had many uses throughout the years. Take a look at some before and after pictures below. And hopefully you can take advantage of this spruced up workshop space in 2013.

Cabinets were cleaned, painted and relocated away from blocking the windows.

Drying lines were taken down and a drying frame was installed

Ceiling lights were lowered and LED bulbs installed.

The deteriorating post holding up the north wall was removed and the wall and post were rebuilt down to the lower sill.

The main table was warped and the work surface in rough shape. The base was repainted and a new top was installed.

All work surfaces were sanded and two coats of polyurethane applied. The floor in the smaller room was also cleaned and waxed. The walls were also repainted.

Thanks to Bonnie Smith, Seth Allshouse, Andrea Maxwell, Cameron Allshouse, Craig Allshouse, Roger Kellman, and Eric Zahn for their great work!